Review: Man of the Year, Starring Robin Williams, Shows Politics Can Be Different

Tired of politics as usual, Robin Williams who plays Tom Dobbs in Man of the Year runs for president as an independent making his voice heard.
Dependence on foreign oil and low quality education and health care programs leads Dobbs appeal.

A comical debate between an incumbent president and a candidate of the opposite party, Dobbs speaks out against his opponents who he claims listen to special interest groups and not the people.

Dobbs interruption and spectacle during the debate reminded me to the interruption made by a gentleman singing “Lieberman” when Connecticut U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman was speaking at a senatorial debate.

Opponent Republican Alan Schlessinger launched out of his chair and advised those interrupting the debate to leave the auditorium immediately while Democratic challenger Ned Lamont defined democracy as respecting one another.

Sorry, Ned, but democracy is making everyone’s voice heard and that means listening to messages by the independents and third parties.

The exclusion of third party candidates at the Connecticut U.S. Senator debate is a joke when Alan Schlessinger, the Republican’s sacrificial lamb has no chance to win in an election where Republicans have backed Lieberman, a wanna-be Republican calling himself a Democrat.

In Man of the Year, Dobbs runs as an independent whose career as a comedian has centered on making fun of those in politics.

Scares of e-voting were realized in the movie as Dobbs wins the presidential race and TV newsmen claim people were not sharing their true colors in pre-election polls.

However, Eleanor Green, played by Laura Linney, knows the real reason; a glitch with her company’s electronic voting system which she brought to the CEO’s attention days before the attention.

While the electronic voting system allows voting machines to be placed in such common places like Laundromats and gives voters a user-friendly interface with the ability to vote for candidates and referendums, it is not as cracked up as it might seem.
The CEO first claimed the problem was solved then blamed her for bringing up an error in which there was not enough time to properly address and solve.

The illusion that everyone’s vote counts is much better than the truth, the CEO believed, citing if voters truly know the system was flawed chaos would erupt exposing the fallacies of a system which has no paper trail record.

Green’s company stops at nothing to ensure the truth is not told from threatening she will hurt the company and people will lose jobs because of her, drugging her to such a degree to give her a nervous breakdown, firing her, and trying to kill her several times as they fear what she will do with the truth.

The movie’s seriousness is much different than most movies Robin Williams stars in but Williams does dress as the former President George Washington and cracks jokes to the U.S. Congress.

Conveying a message that the best candidates are not those in politics but rather those whose media roles allows them to immerse themselves with knowledge about a variety of issues, it is quite obvious that the message to this movie is to create public financing for political campaigns, create term limits, and create a serious plan to eliminate the country’s growing appetite for foreign oil.

Williams in his role is reminiscent of another Independent candidate running for President, Ross Perot who in 1992 proposed ideas for a country which are a far cry from the typical promises and actions made by the Republican and Democratic parties.
It is too bad director Barry Levinson did not allow the movie to be about an unaffiliated President running a country because this scenario would certainly be comical.

Nice try, Governor Jodi Rell but as the movie points out, honest and ethical leaders are needed, not ones who have been running mates to those who break the law like your former running mate John Rowland.

Definitely an excellent movie and I would encourage all those cynical about politics, concerned about today’s state of affairs,
and those who are tired of the Republican or Democratic parties, or both, to see this movie at your local movie theatre.

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